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The future of work is already happening. Take a journey across America to find your place in it!

Apply by June 1, 2018

We’re Roadtrip Nation, and we send people on trips in our green RV to figure out their road in life. We film it all and turn it into a show to help people build lives around their interests.

Life’s got a way of throwing curveballs. The stable job you planned to work till retirement is downsizing or just outright replacing you with a robot. All the stuff you learned on the job carries way less weight now than you hoped it would. Part of you wonders if more education after high school would’ve made it all a little easier.

Here’s the good news: you’re not the only one. The very things worrying you about the future of work can also be innovative, unconventional opportunities for stability and success in growing industries. Come meet the people who found new unexpected paths and hear how they did it. The education and training to get there is more accessible than ever, and we’re going to explore it.

If this sounds like something you could really benefit from, we want to send you on a free cross-country road trip to connect with people who found their footing so you can too!

Essential Details

  • All travel expenses, plus a daily stipend for food, are paid for by Roadtrip Nation.
  • Adults with no degree beyond high school interested in exploring new pathways to careers through high quality training and education (apprenticeships, trade schools, online education, stackable credentials, on-the-job training, etc.) are encouraged to apply.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • Applicants must be available to commit to three weeks of travel in September / October 2018. If chosen, you’ll get to travel across the country in a Roadtrip Nation RV to interview people leading the charge into work’s new, changing landscape and get a chance to see how they’re building lives and careers they love.
  • This is for a TV show, so you’ll be filmed and the footage may be shared on public television and other video platforms.
  • Individuals who are chosen will help plan the trip around their specific interests and aspirations, so you’ll be working with Roadtrip Nation to research and book interviews with the people that you want to talk to.
  • Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.
  • Click here to learn more about how to make this page accessible.

To apply, please fill out the questions below and submit this form by 6/1/2018 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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